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Kitchen Trends in 2019 to Get Ready For

We've put together the 2019 kitchen trends with the help of our best kitchen designers and experts to help you get started with your kitchen renovations! Your kitchen design is important as this room tends to be the centerpiece of your home; it's where we entertain most of our guests, while preparing a meal or sharing some drinks. Spending hours a day in this room is surely not uncommon. Thinking of a new kitchen gets homeowners quite excited – especially if it's well overdue. So let's cut to the chase and get to the hottest kitchen trends for 2019

1. Cabinet doors & original handles

Cabinet door handles can easily be neglected when designing your kitchen. Of course, you’ll pick handles that appeal to your taste, but are you aware of the number of possibilities available to you? There are so many shapes, colors, materials that exist! We’ve noticed that Scandinavians have original and great taste. They’ve been using leather rings or strips as handles, as opposed to the traditional handles we’re used to seeing. There’s no doubt that this look will gain popularity – especially now that IKEA offers them as options for their clients!

If you’re looking for a more modern kitchen design, the best cabinet handle you could get is none at all – it’s actually one of the top 2019 kitchen trends if you want a minimalist look. Some are opting to have their cabinet handles as cut-out holes in the kitchen cabinet door in various shapes and sizes. Most are going for either round-shaped holes or simply long indents that run along the base of the cabinet door. Indents that run along the base of the door give the illusion of there not being any handle whatsoever!

2. Different kitchen sinks

Without much thought, we use our kitchen sink daily – not noticing that it can be quite an interesting design element for the kitchen. We’ve seen many trends come our way, from white tubs to stainless steel sinks. These are still quite popular, but some designers have decided to kick it up a notch and create embossed sinks, some with metallic accents, and others of color to complement the kitchen furnishing.

Some designers have even gone above and beyond by optimizing the sinks’ functions. They’ve taken everything into consideration: removable cutting boards, integrated coasters and pot holders, ice buckets, and the list goes on! These sinks are ideal for those trying to save space in their smaller sized kitchen. Why not make the most of the space you have!?

3. Pendant lighting

Although recessed lights have been a staple in kitchen trends for at least the last decade and are likely here to stay, the re-introduction of suspended lighting has become an embraced quirk for those looking to add a unique touch to their kitchen design. The suspended wiring, which may remind you of a swinging incandescent bulb with a pull chain, allows your unique pendant bulb enclosures to become centerpieces of the room – adding a form of expression and individuality.

4. Kitchen storage: open shelving

If you’ve got beautiful dishware, try breaking the monotonous vibe of your cabinetry by adding open shelving to your kitchen. Many people are opting for this solution to proudly display their attractive dishware. This concept is well sought after, especially for dishware – such as glasses and plates – you use most often. As for utensils, there exists wall racks on which you can hang them – making them easy to access. Though, forget about displaying pricey cognac glasses or other dishware that you only use occasionally. It’s better to put those in closed cabinets so as not to have to constantly be washing them because of dust accumulation.

You can also store some items in cute wooden boxes or glass jars. Not only will your food or cutlery be easy to access, but they’ll also serve as decoration. As for foods that can perish in the sun, be sure to keep those in your pantry or fridge. All other foods displayed might actually entice you to cook more often & take advantage of your beautiful kitchen!

5. Matte appliances for your home

We’ve seen the dark matte texture start to appear as a kitchen trend in more recent years. The glossy black panels once associated with class and elegance are beginning to appear tacky and overdone, and are being replaced with the grittier surface reminiscent of sleek modern supercars.

This dark matte finish naturally reduces the appearance of finger prints and dirt. It also fits nicely with most kitchen materials.

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